Prosecutor's Software Options

City/County Prosecutor's Software

Henschen & Associates City/County Prosecutor's Software has everything your office needs. City/County Prosecutor's Software features include:

GI (Graphical User Interface) for City/County Prosecutor's Information System

GI allows the use of a mouse to interact with all case management fields. The user can choose whether they want to run the case management system in the GI or Character version, unlike other programs.

CHR (Character Interface) for City/County Prosecutor's Information System

With the character version of the interface, no mouse is used within the case management system - everything is done with the keyboard.

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Customize your Municipal Court Package by adding any of the following features...

  • Budgetary & Accounting

  • Black Book Scheduler

  • Data Capture

  • Digital Signatures

  • eFiling

  • eJournal

  • ePayments

  • eReturns

  • eService

  • Imaging/Paper on Demand

  • MergePro Forms

  • Offsite Backup